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FibrLec: Principal sponsor for Bolton Wanderers Football Club

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FibrLec Principal Sponsor for 
Bolton Wanderers Football Club

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FibrLec Ltd
The I Zone
University of Bolton
University Way

Telephone: 01204 900555

Graduates, their local university and one dream

FibrLec is a new sustainable energy company working with the University of Bolton to commercialise the University’s innovative smart materials.  


The company was formed recently by a University of Bolton graduate. The Institute for Renewable Energy and Environmental Technologies (IREET) and Institute for Materials Research and Innovation (IMRI) both at the University of Bolton are officially regarded as world leading centres for “smart material” science. Professors at the Centres have invented a piezoelectric photovoltaic fibre which is capable of converting energy from sunlight, wind and rain. This new FibrLec material, which is in the form of an extruded polymer, is being taken to market by FibrLec Ltd. The proceeds from the commercialisation will support scholarships and bursaries for students in need of financial support to study in science, technology and maths (STEM) at the University. This is particularly important at a time when the costs of higher education in England for all students have increased significantly.

To build a sustainable brand and to bring the product to market, FibrLec have agreed to be the principal sponsor for the Bolton Wanderers Football Club. This will promote FibrLec's new and innovative sustainable energy material on a national and international stage through the medium of football and associated publicity.

The University already has a close working relationship with Bolton Wanderers in the field of sport and exercise science and sports rehabilitation for elite athletes. This latest commercial venture builds further on this strategic partnership. As a consequence of this development the new 2013-14 BWFC strip will carry the logo of FibrLec and the University of Bolton in the usual position for principal sponsor. BWFC is proud to work with University of Bolton graduates on a renewable and sustainable energy project which benefits the UK’s carbon footprint and moreover will benefit the next generation of students through scholarships.

Dan Keating 
Daniel Keating
Managing Director FibrLec
Creating value from technical excellence

FibrLec Vision

Our vision is to be a market leader in delivering sustainable energy solutions. Thereby we will transform the energy business beyond recognition through harnessing the creativity, knowledge and innovation of one of the world's leading material science institutes. Above all we will create value from technical excellence.

Daniel Keating - Managing Director FibrLec

FibrLec Mission

The commercialisation of intellectual property is what UK entrepreneurs are renowned for. In a knowledge economy where delivering the latest ideas in a practical way is central to economic recovery, we at FibrLec aim to create value
from technical excellence. 

Tony Keating  
Dr Anthony Keating DEng MBA HND Eng MIDGTE
Technical Director

In the next 3 years we will move from the position of being a new entrant to the market to being one of the global leaders in extruded polymers for energy harvesting and its commercial application. Our clients will include the solar panel industry, whose businesses will be transformed by our product; new sectors including wearable rechargeables to the outdoor pursuits market will be brought to the consumer; and medical non surgical interventions which transform lives through harnessing polymer nanotechnology will evolve. In the domestic and commercial markets, soft fabrics which bring down energy bills dramatically will become common place. They all share one modern heritage, that of the FibrLec Brand, and our passion for creating value from technical excellence.

Dr Anthony Keating - Technical Director 


Jamie MacGregor MBA BSc

Fibrlec is an amazing product that will be a game changer in the renewable energy sector. The fact that it has been developed in my home town by my own University increases the appeal to me personally. The current applications of Fibrlec are astonishing and there are more and more applications becoming apparent every day. The development of Fibrlec continues and will be soon seen in products all over the world.

Jamie MacGregor - Director FibrLec




Professor Elias Siores
BSc, MSc, Dip.Ed., MBA, PhD, Ceng
Director of Research and Innovation

This innovative technology has been developed by a team of researchers under the leadership of Professor Elias Siores

It is so gratifying seeing the technology moving from concept a few years ago to prototype and from laboratory to local industry. The smart flexible fibre is multifunctional in that it is able to convert energy from the sun, wind and rain into useable electrical energy, yet strong, durable and inexpensive to produce. Both piezoelectric and photovoltaic technologies are embedded into the fibre structure. The intellectual property generated has been patented internationally and has won a number of international awards.

Professor Elias Siores