A rare and unique opportunity for success – by Professor Subash Anand

The researchers at the University of Bolton have been working for many years on textile based generators as potential wearable electronic systems and energy harvesters from ambient environment and human movement. For energy harvesting from human movement, the fibre based electrical power generators are highly desirable as they are light weight, flexible and highly comfortable and look no different from the conventional fabrics.

The researchers have perfected the production and evaluation of high β phase (>85%) piezoelectric PVDF monofilament yarn and have recently incorporated them into 3-dimensional knitted spacer structures as the spacer yarn, interconnected between Ag (silver) coated Polyamide multifilament yarn, acting as the top and bottom electrodes (top and bottom fabric faces). These 3-dimensional structures can have thickness from 2 mm to 60 mm and are flexible, comfortable and have excellent compression and resilience properties. It is for the first time that these novel structures have been utilised for developing piezoelectric generators. These novel and unique fabrics are capable of converting mechanical energy into electrical energy and under a peak compressive pressure of 0.10 MPa, the fabric consistently produces a peak volumetric power density of 14.5 µWcm-3. All aspects of this innovative and futuristic technology have been suitably covered with a patent application.

I sincerely feel that FibrLec Ltd., a spin out company from the University of Bolton, has been presented with a rare and unique opportunity for manufacturing and marketing these cutting-edge and futuristic piezoelectric fibres and textile structures for a wide range of applications. In addition to the use of these devices as wearable electronic systems and energy harvesters, they may replace the traditional rechargeable batteries for providing electrical power to low-energy consumption devices, such as wireless body-worn sensors and wearable consumer electronics.

I wish FibrLec Ltd; Bolton, the very best of luck in their new venture and wish them sustained growth and success in their business in the future.


Yours sincerely,

Professor Subhash Anand

MBE; Comp.TI; CText. FTI; B.Sc; M.Sc. Tech; Ph.D; AMCST

Professor of Technical Textiles

Institute of Materials Research and Innovation

University of Bolton, Deane Road, Bolton, BL3 5AB, U.K.

Former Chairman of The Textile Institute

e-mail: sca1@bolton.ac.uk

Telephone: 0044 1204 903507

Mobile: 0044 7916 052 582

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