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FibrLec was established in 2013 in UK to further develop and commercialise flexible smart materials based science and technology applications in energy regeneration and renewable energy. Such developments have spun out of recent scientific breakthroughs and pioneering research in hybrid energy conversion systems driven by piezoelectric and photovoltaic materials and arranged in fibre, film and 3-D structures. FibrLec has obtained world exclusive licences of all related international patents.


The generic technology has reached exploitable commercial standing with huge potential applications horizon in many diverse fields, from energy parks, marine vessels, automotive parts, aerospace, military, construction and city-regeneration, wearable textiles, sports and outdoor lifestyle, biomedical devices and so on. These material systems exhibit flexibility, durability and recyclability characteristics and at a very low production cost.

FibrLec, with headquarters in the north west of the UK, is now establishing several manufacturing plants globally while further investing in international R&D collaborations that will ensure that the technology remains continuously competitive and at the forefront of innovation. Already the next generation of piezoelectric and organic photovoltaic fibres are being researched, through both designer materials modelling and experimentation, targeting improved energy conversion properties and enhanced power outputs.

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